10 . Whom would you listen to?
Sunday, Mar 10, 2019

Scripture: “So when the Samaritans arrived, they asked Him to remain with them, and He did stay there two days.” – John 4:40 (AMPC).

Meditate: When we study John chapter 4, then you’ll understand why, “they (Samaritans) asked Him to remain with them.” It was because of what the woman who met Jesus at the well testified about Him. She didn’t testify that Jesus heals or that He performed some miracle, but just this, “Come, see a Man Who has told me everything that I ever did!” – John 4:29. They welcomed Jesus and believed in Him as the Savior of the world, the Christ.

What’s amazing to see here is that, many would have flocked to one that would tell them their fortune and prosperity and materialistic blessings, but these Samaritans flocked to One that would tell them their faults, secret sins, weaknesses, sin, their purpose and duty. Whom would you choose to listen to, Jesus or present day prosperity preachers?

Would you too welcome Jesus as did the Samaritans? Would you too want to hear Jesus speak the truth about your spiritual condition? Would you too respond to Jesus and dare to trust and believe in Him as did the Samaritans?